the journey

Pure & Distinct

The only Levant naturally filtered water worth admiring. Filtered by a years long journey through the untouched and protected Dakoueh mountain directly to each and every bottle. The natural mineral content creates a unique taste that's light and rich at the same time, with a distinct bottle design that makes it stand proud at the finest events.

  • Zero Chemicals
  • Zero Manmade Filters
  • 100% Natural

World Class Bottling System

The entire bottling process starts with a stainless steel pipe deep under natural stones and sand in the Dakoueh mountain, bringing water straight to our fully automated bottling facility where bottles are made, filled, and capped without any outside contact and in a sealed HEPA filtered room to ensure the finest quality possible.

It is a sight worth seeing, contact us to arrange a personal tour of the facility. We'd love to have you!

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